UK Visa Fees For Indians: Drastic Hike In UK Visa Fee, Effective From 4 October

UK Visa Fees For Indians: The British Home Office has recently announced new UK visa fees for India and other countries. Based on the New UK visa fee structure, there is going to be a drastic increase in the UK Visa Fee, and applicants will have to pay 10% to 15% more based on their stay and the category of the Visa.

The official hike of the UK visa Fee was announced in the British Parliament last Friday, and it is going to be implemented from 4 October 2023. To know the complete hikes of the UK Visa Fees For Indians and other categories of UK visa, Check out the information below. We have provided the hike of UK Visa Fees For Indians and other countries below. So check them out now. 

UK visa fees for Indian

The increase in the UK Visa Fees For Indians and other countries links back to the announcement of Rishi Sunka, prime minister of the UK, in the month of July 2023. In a Public Announcement, Rishi Sunak mentioned that the Fees and health Surcharges paid by visa applicants have been supporting the United Kingdom NHS (National Health Service), and it is going to be drastically increased to contribute more to the Public security wage Increases.

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UK Visa Fees For Indians
UK Visa Fees For Indians

Rishi Sunka, in a recent announcement, mentioned that under the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge), which is paid to access the NHS, will increase significantly. Which in terms will be a 15% hike in work and visit visas and a 20% hike in Study and priority visas. For more information, check out the details below about the UK Visa Fees For Indians.

UK visa fees for Indian Overview 

Visa UK Visa 
Visa Hike starts from 4th October 2023 
Work and Visit visa 15% Hike 
Priority Visa Hike20% Hike 
UK Visiting Visa After Hike 11,845 Rs
UK Student Visa After Hike 50,428 Rs 

UK Visa Fees for Indians Hike 

Last Friday, the UK home office officially announced that there is going to be a hike in UK Visa from next month, October 4th. According to the new Visa, the Hike on a UK visit Visa for 6 months will be 15 pounds more than their usual cost, and the student visa will get a big hike of 127 Pounds.

So, from October 4th, 2023, every country student, including India, has to pay 127 more pounds to get a Studnet UK visa. If the UK Student visa is applied for outside the UK, it is charged almost GBP 490, which is 50,428 Rs. 

The formation of the new Visa Hike was officially discussed in the British Parliament on Friday, and now the changes for the Approval will be subject to parliamentary approval.  The UK visa fees Hike has been placed by the UK parliament because of the increase in the immigration of the UK and also the nationality Fees, which allow for more funding to the Public Sector. 

Coming to the exact hike of the UK visa fees for Indians, there is going to be a Hike for a visa under 6 months with a total increase of 115 British pounds per application, and if a student applies for a UK student visa outside the UK, it will cost 490 Pounds.

So for a Visit Visa of less than 6 months, it is going to charge 11,845 rs, and for a Student Visa applied from outside the UK charged 50,428 Rs, equal to the in-country UK visa fees.

Type of Visa Visa Cost 
Visit Visa less than 6 months GBP 115 ( 11,845 Rs ) 
Student Visa Applied from outside the UK GBP 490 ( 50,428 Rs )

Why is there a Hike in the UK visa fees for Indians?

On Friday, the Home Office of the UK officially stated that they are going to drastically increase the UK visa Fees, and the implementation of the increase in Visas starts from October 4th. So why is there a Hike in the UK visa fee for Indians? Actually, the UK is trying to increase all country UK visas, including India, and it is because of the new IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge)

In a recent meeting, Rishi Sunak, the prime minister of the UK, mentioned that we are going to increase the price of the Migrants who are coming to the UK when they apply for a UK visa, and it is under the IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge).  

The Drastical Hike in the UK visa fees for India and other countries is because the Income from Visa Fees is a major source in the Home office to run a better national and Immigration System in the UK.  So if there is an increase in the UK visa fees for India and other countries, it can meet the UK Public Sector Wage increase.

And this Visa Price Hike is going to be applied for all the Visa categories, from the Health to British Citizenship Visa. Also, due to the UK visa fees Hike, there will be an increase in the entry clearance fees and some application fees to remain in the UK. 

UK Visa Fees For Indians hike


Is A UK Visa Easy For Indians?

Compared to other countries, Indians can easily get a UK visa. 

When Will The New UK Visa Fees Implanted? 

The new UK Visa Fees come into action from the 4th of October, 2023.

How Long Is UK Visa Processing?

Usually, the UK visa processing won’t take more than 3 weeks to process and issue a result. 

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