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Train Running Status: Indian Railways has released a new tool known as the Train Running Status or Live Train Status, By using this tool Travelers and Indian citizens can know where the train is, if the train is delayed, the arrival time and the departure times from the station and many more.

With this new tool released by the Indian Railways, Travellers and Indian citizens can plan their journeys accordingly without any hurdles. But how to use this tool?

And what else can we do using the Train Running Status or Live Train Status tool? Don’t worry we have given a detailed breakdown of the features offered by these tools released by the Indian railways and also how to use these tools below. 

Train running status

We can know various information and live updates using the Train Running Status. We can Spot our Train, Know the Live Location of the Train, Cancelled Trains Etc.

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These are some of the main things we can look into using the Train Running status and some of the other things we can have access to using the Train Running Status feature is:

  • We can know the total distance the train has covered from start and finish of the Destination and the amount of km left to cover to reach the destination.
  • The Platforms Number of where the Train gonna arrive in different Stations.
  • How many stations should be crossed between the Start to the Destination. 
  • Distance Between Each Station and how much distance has been covered. 
  • Route Change of the Speciided Train and Why it happened etc.

How to check Live Train Status?

Train Running Status

You can check the live train status by using multiple platforms you can use the official Indian Railways website NTES ( National Train Enquiry System) to know the Live Train Status. You can use other platforms that are collaborated with Indian Railways like the GOIBIBO Platforms, NDTV Plat form Etc to check your Lve Train Status. We have given each of the major platforms’ website links below that you can use to check your Live Train Status 

Step 1:

Choose your desired platform to check your LIve Train Status from below Table 

Step 2:

Now you have to enter your Train Number on the specified section of the page 

Step 3:

After entering your train number and submitting. You can know the live location, Expected Arrival time, Train Delay time, and other details of your Specified train

NTES Platform ( Official Indian Railways )
IXIGO Platform
Goibibo Platform
NDTV Platform

NTES Train Running Status

NTES is a new system launched by the Indian Railways and it stands for National Train Enquiry System.  It is a new service that is provided by the directly Indian Railways to help Travellers get the latest information about the new train schedules and also the live locations of the trains.  Some of the important features that offer NTES are 

  • Spot Your Train 
  • Live Location
  • Train Schedule
  • Cancelled Trains 
  • Rescheduled Trains Etc

By using the NTES  services you can know real-time train location and also the arriving and departing times of that particular train. So you no longer need to hear those train announcements on the train platforms or guess the train location. So how can you use NTES let’s look at

Official website: You can check out the NTES website by using this link

Train Schedule: Using the NTES  you can check the schedule of a specific train on your particular date by the” Train Schedule “ option on the NTES. 

Rescheduled Trains: For any Errors or changes in the timing or date of a train you can instantly find that updated information on the NTES In the “ Exceptional Trains “ 

Diverted Trains: In case a  train is taking other routes than its normal route then you immediately get the information about the changes that the train is taking and why the route has been changed. In the “ Exceptional Trains” option of the NTES 

Canceled Trains: Awesome reason if your train has been canceled because of weather issues or any other things you can now know immediately on your NTS platform in the “ Cancelled Trains ” option. 

Trans in between Stations: If you want to know what the trains that are currently operating in two specified stations you can know by the “ Train B/W Stations “ Tab in the NTES 

Live Station: By using the live station option on the NTES  you can know which train is leaving in the next 2 to 8 hours of time period and by that, you can plan your upcoming journey

Train Running Status Important links 

Official website
Homepage click here


What Is Live Train Running Status?

The live train running status is a new feature released by the Indian Railways. By which you can know the exact location of your specified train and if the train is delayed and many other features. By using this new tool released by the Indian railways, travelers can know when the train is arriving at the station, What is the departure time and many more 

Why It Is Beneficial To Check The Live Train Running Status?

It will be super beneficial for travelers to check the live train running status because Travelers can know when will the Train arrive at the destination and also when the time be departure from the station.  Travelers can also know the live location of where the train is and also if the train is delayed and many more features. By these features, travelers can plan their journey accordingly and it will save a lot of time for the travelers.

What Is The Official Website To Check The Train Running Status? 

The official website to check the Train Running Status is Which was officially launched by the Indian railways 

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