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Shark Tank India Season 3 Release Date: Shark Season 1 and Season 2 have gained huge popularity and viewers loved to see the actual business deals in person from the perspective of the Founder and Investors.

So SonyLIV is preparing the way to bring Shark Tank India Season 3 to all the viewers, and in season 3 we get to see new Sharks and also some big Business to show up in the Shark Tank. The Shark Tank India team has not released any date for the release of Shark Tank India Season 3.

But we have some expected dates that could be the potential airing date of the Shark Tank India Season 3, to know more about the Shark Tank India Season 3 date, New Sharks details and many more. Go through the below information 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Release Date

Shark Tank India was been a big hit in Indian Media and because of it, SonyLIV is preparing to bring back Shark Tank India with Season 3, there hasn’t been any official date announcement from the team of Shark Tank but if we go back to the Shark Tank India Season 1 it was aired on December 2021.

The Shark Tank India Season 2 was aired in January through March, so it is expected that the Shark Tank India Season 3 will be aired in December 2023 or in 2024 of January, but we don’t have confirmation yet from the Shark Tank India Team as of now. Also if you want to know how you can feature in the 3rd Season of Shark Tank then look up the details below. 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Release Date Overview 

Shark Tank India Season ​​Shark Tank India Season 3
Shark Tank India Season 3 Date January 2024 ( Expected ) 
New Sharks in the Shark Tank Season 3 Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of OYO rooms) Deepinder Goyal (Founder of Zomato) 
Official website Given below 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Registartion process

Shark Tank India Season 3 Release Date

If you have a great business and want to show up on Shark Tank India for season 3 then you have to follow these registration process 

Step 1:

Go to or you can also download the Sonylivapp from the Play Store or AppStore 

Step 2:

Then you have to enroll for the Shark Tank India Season 3 by filling out the registration form available on the Website and app. 

Step 3:

After that applicants need to describe their business and what they are aiming for. Also, applicants need to be above the age of 18 years and should be Indian citizens to enroll for the Shark Tank India Season 3

Step 4:

Next applicants need to create a video pitch describing their business and it needs to convince the Shark Tank India team that the business needs to be featured in the Shark Tank 

Step 5:

If you can convince the Shark Tank India team of your business model, then you get into the audition round, where you need to completely present your business to the entire Shark Tank India team, then the team will select you if they like your business idea. The auditions for the appclaitns will be held in Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai 

Step 6:

Then after the audition round you will get to pitch your business in front of the Sharks of the Shark Tank India 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Host and Sharks 

The Shark Tank has seen 2 successful seasons and now it is going to return for a 3rd Season, So who will be the host of Shark Tank Season 3? If we go back to 1st Season of Shark Tank India it is hosted by Rannvijay Singha and the second season was hosted by Rahul Dua. We are expecting Rahul Dua to be the host of the 3rd Season of Shark Tank India too, but we do not have any official confirmation yet.

Coming to the Sharks that are going to be in Season 3 of Shark Tank India, We get to see 2 new Sharks. Who are Ritesh Agarwal and Deepinder Goyal, Ritesh Agarwal was the CEO and the founder of OYO rooms, and Deepinder Goya was the founder and CEO of Zomato. The other Sharks would be Aman Gupta, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Vinneta Singh, Peyush bansa, Ritesh Agarwal. 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Release Date

Shark Tank India Season 3 Ashneer Gover Return

One of the biggest stars of Shark Tank is Ashnner Gover, one of the main images of Sharks in Shark Tank Season 1. All the viewers of Shark Tank have loved to see his pitching to deals and his total analysis of a Business etc.

Unfortunately, Ashneer Gover didn’t appear in Shark Tank Season 2 because of this the viewers were disappointed. Now the new news of the Shar Tank Season 3, the viewers are excited to know will Ashneer Gover Return in Shark Tank Season 3. 

Well no, Ashneer Gover has clearly stated that he doesn’t return to Shark Tank, he specifically said that Shark Tank didn’t take me in the 2nd Season their TRP has fallen and now they want me back, and he quoted that he is never gonna return to Share Tank India in a speech at the Haldia Institute of Technology. 

Shark Tank India Season 3 Important links 

Official website 


When Shark Tank Season 3 Will Start In India?

There wasn’t any official confirmation from Shark Tank India yet on the Season 3 date, but it is estimated to be airing in January 2024. 

Who Is Anupam Mittal’s Net Worth?

Anupam Mittal is the owner of the People Group which holds big companies like Based on his investments in various big companies it is estimated that Anupam Mittal’s total net worth is 180 Crores  

Who Is The Richest Shark In India?

The richest shark in India is Amit Jain CEO of the Cardekho, he has an estimated net worth of 2,900 Crores. 

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