Republic Day Speech 2023: 26 January Speech, Hindi & English Easy Speeches

Republic Day Speech 2023: India is celebrating its 74th Republic Day on 26 January 2023. India, all around the world, is known for its democratic system. And what makes this democratic republic great is its constitution. Republic Day is celebrated because on this in 1950, the Constitution Of India was adopted. The adoption of the constitution made India an independent and sovereign republic. It is one of the most important national festivals of India and the country celebrates it with great zeal and joy.

Most people begin their Republic Day by watching the Republic Day Parade. The Republic Day Parade is conducted at Kartavya Path, previously known as the Rajya Path. All tri-services, the Indian Army, Airforce, and Navy march and display the power and strength of our nation. The live telecast of the Gantantra Diwas parade is broadcast on the DD channel. Different types of programs are organized to celebrate this important day. Flag hoisting ceremonies are done at various organizations, schools, and offices to show respect towards the country and its constitution.

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In schools, cultural programs like dancing, singing, plays, poem-reciting, speech delivering, etc. are conducted. The Republic Day Speech (26 January Speech) is given to tell the importance and significance of 26 January. The Republic Day Speech should be precise, clear, and engaging to deliver the thoughts regarding this day. In this article, we have shared some useful points that can be helpful for our readers to write a perfect Republic Day Speech 2023.

Republic Day Speech 2023

Republic Day is a very important day for every Indian. Every countryman tries to contribute on his or her level to show respect for our constitution. Different types of cultural programs are organized to celebrate the national festival. Among the different cultural programs, the speech-delivering program is a very significant act. It is the role of the orator to deliver an engaging and informative speech to his listeners. He/she should write down his speech before presenting it in front of the audience. We know that it is not easy to write a speech. To help our readers with this problem, we are sharing some hacks to pen down an impactful Republic Day Speech 2023.

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Republic Day 2023 Speech in English | Republic Day Speech

India is known for its Unity in Diversity. People of different castes, religions, traditions, and cultures live in India and make the nation strong. People have different lifestyles, follow different traditions, cultures, and beliefs, and speak different languages. But the whole world identifies us as Indians. People may use different languages to express their patriotism but their love towards the country is pious. On 26 January, people deliver speeches in their regional languages to tell the importance of our national festival.

However, in most places, the Republic Day Speech 2023 is given in the English language. English is still considered an official language. So in many places, people give Republic Day 2023 Speech in English. We have shared some samples of the Republic Day 2023 speech in English further in this article. Readers can refer to the below-given speeches to write their speeches.

Republic Day 26 January speech in English

Readers can refer to the Republic Day 26 January 2023 speech (Republic day speech) in English given below.

“Good morning everyone. Today is a proud moment for every Indian as we are celebrating our 74th Republic Day. I’m thankful to my teachers for giving me an opportunity to deliver a speech on this auspicious occasion. We celebrate Republic Day to mark the adoption of our constitution.

The constitution drafting committee led by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar drafted our constitution by taking various amendments, acts, and articles from different countries. Our constitution is not just a document but it is a framework according to which the government has to work. Our constitution also provides all citizens with a set of fundamental rights that grant us some privileges. The constitution also has a set of fundamental duties and it is the responsibility of every citizen to fulfill these duties.

India has a very glorious past and a bright future. People have made supreme sacrifices to protect the nation and its Unity. Republic Day reminds us of the valour and sacrifices of these great personalities. We all salute these Bravehearts for their selfless service and patriotism. It should be the responsibility of every citizen to follow the path of these personalities.

We should follow the ethics and values of these freedom fighters and always protect the sovereignty of our country. Democracy, secularism, justice, equality, and liberty should be protected at any and every cost. As it’s time to put a full stop to my speech, I would like to end up with a quote:

The food on which the tender plant of liberty thrives is the blood of the martyr.
Jai Hind

Indian Republic Day Speech

Every year, January 26 is celebrated as the Republic Day of India. This year we will celebrate our 74th Republic Day. Republic Day is celebrated because, on 26 January 1950, India adopted its constitution and became an independent and sovereign republic. The preamble or the preface of the constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950. The constitution contains different information like all the acts, amendments, fundamental rights, and fundamental duties.

The drafting committee that created the constitution took various parts of the constitution from the constitution of different countries. Once the constitution was drafted, 284 members of the constituent assembly signed it and it came into effect. Our constitution is the longest-written constitution. The constitution of India consists of 444 articles divided into 22 parts, 12 schedules, and 118 amendments.

Inspiring Republic Day Speech 2023

“Good morning to all my dear mentors, seniors, and colleagues. It’s a matter of great pride and honour for me to deliver a speech on this auspicious occasion of Republic Day. Today we all have gathered here to celebrate our 74th Republic Day. On this day in 1950, the constituent assembly signed the constitution and brought it into effect. Since then the constitution is regulating the nation and working as a framework for the government.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Its rich heritage, culture, and tradition attract people from all around the globe to come here and witness our warm hospitality. The greatness of our country cannot be measured in words. But our actions can show our respect, tribute, and love toward our nation. I feel blessed that I’m born in a country like India.

In such a beautiful democratic country, we can enjoy various perks and privileges. Today, India is on its way to becoming a superpower. But this is only possible because of the people who have done selfless service for the nation. Thousands of unsung heroes have given their lives to keep our motherland safe and secure.

We will be forever indebted to every person, freedom fighter, and soldier for protecting our nation. Our soldiers fight not because they hate what is in front of them, but because they love what is behind them. They have unconditional love for the nation and are always ready to sacrifice themselves in the line of duty. On behalf of you all, I would like to thank and salute every soldier who is protecting us day and night. I would also like to thank you all for listening to me with great interest and patience. Jai Hind!”

Republic day Speech in Hindi | 26 January speech in hindi

“सुप्रभात, आज यहाँ मौजूद सभी अतिथिगण और श्रोतागण को मेरा नमस्कार। आज यह मेरे लिए एक गर्व का पल है कि आज मैं भारत के 74वें गणतंत्र दिवस के अवसर पर आप सबके समक्ष अपने विचार प्रस्तुत करने जा रहा हूं। आज का यह दिन हर भारतीय के लिए काफी खास दिन है। आज के ही दिन सन् 1950 में भारत एक गणतंत्र राष्ट्र बना था। 26 जनवरी 1950 में भारत को स्वयं का संविधान मिला था और जभी से हम इस दिन को गणतंत्र दिवस के रूप में मनाते हैं।

वैसे तो यह एक छुट्टी का दिन है परंतु इस दिन भी लोग सुबह जल्दी उठकर परेड देखते हैं। भारतीय सेना, नौसेना, एवम वायुसेना द्वारा कर्तव्य पथ पर कदम से कदम मिलाकर मार्च किया जाता है। साथ ही परेड में अलग अलग राज्यों की सुंदर झांकियां भी होती हैं। यह मनमोहक दृश्य हर किसी की आंखों को भाता है। गणतंत्र दिवस एक ऐसा दिन है जिस दिन हर भारतीय अपनी देशभक्ति को दिखाता है।

लेकिन क्या देशभक्ति सिर्फ राष्ट्रीय त्योहारों पर ही झलकनी चाहिए? नही, हरगिज़ नही। देशभक्ति एक एहसास है जिसे हर भारतीय को प्रतिदिन महसूस करना चाहिए। हमें अपनी देशभक्ति दिखाने के लिए 15 अगस्त या 26 जनवरी का इंतजार नही करना चाहिए। बल्कि हम देश के प्रति अपनी जिम्मेदारी और ईमानदारी को निभा कर भी राष्ट्रहित में कार्य कर सकते हैं।

आज हम हर इस सैनिक के शुक्रगुजार हैं जो देश की सरहद पर खड़े होकर देश के अखंडता, संप्रभुता, और समानता की सुरक्षा कर रहा है। लेकिन देश के अंदर पनप रहे भ्रष्टाचार और अपराध के दुश्मन से सामना करने के लिए हर भारतीय को कंधे से कन्धा मिलाकर चलना होगा। इसी प्रकार हम अपने देश को नए आयाम और विकास के मार्ग पर ले जा सकते हैं। मैं आप सबका आभार व्यक्त करना चाहूंगा कि आपने मुझे इतनी विनम्रता से सुना। मैं आशा करता हूं कि आज गणतंत्र दिवस के अवसर पर आप खुद से एक वादा करेंगे कि आप राष्ट्र को सर्वोपरि रखेंगे। धन्यवाद। जय हिंद”

Republic Day speech for students

Very soon we will celebrate our 74th Republic Day to remember the adoption of our constitution. Celebrations are made at different organizations like banks, police stations, schools, etc. Various cultural programs are organized to celebrate this great day. Students deliver speeches in their school to mark the importance of this day. If you’re also going to present a Republic Day speech in your school, then you can go through this article to know how to write a good speech.

We have shared some samples of the Republic Day speech for students. Students can use these samples to write their speeches. We have also shared some useful tips to write an effective and expressive Republic Day Speech.

How to Write a Republic day speech

Students can follow the below-given points to write a Republic Day speech.

  • Salutation and greetings. Start your speech by greeting your audience.
  • Tell your audience why you are on the stage to deliver a speech. What’s the occasion?
  • Give a brief introduction of your topic to the audience.
  • Start delivering your key points and core messages (like the significance of the topic, the history of the topic, and facts and data).
  • Try to add any short story or anecdote to make your speech more interesting.
  • Wind up the speech with a proper conclusion. Give a summary of your thoughts and end your speech by thanking your audience for their presence and patience.

Republic Day Speech- 26 January Speech Ideas

If you are planning to write a Republic Day speech 2023, you can use the ideas given below. These Republic Day speech (26 January speech) ideas will help you to write a unique speech:

  1. India 75 years of Independence
  2. India and G-20
  3. Constitution of India
  4. India’s Defence Power
  5. Role of youth in India’s development
  6. Our fundamental rights and fundamental duties
  7. The New India
  8. India: A glorious past


1. How to start a Republic Day speech?

You should start your Republic Day speech with a warm greeting and a brief introduction to the topic.

2. What is special about January 26th?

January 26th is a very special and significant day as on this day in 1950 our constitution was adopted.

3. How do you write lines on Republic Day?

To write lines on Republic Day, please read this complete article. You should keep your language simple and easy.

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