Pushpa 2 Release Date 2023: Story Line, Star Cast, Trailer, OTT Release Date

Pushpa 2 Release Date: Everyone is waiting for the release date of Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa 2, Allu Arjun’s fans are showing great curiosity about this film.  Let us tell you that this film has received a lot of love from the audience. The first film Pushpa the Rice was released in the year 2021 and now its next part Pushpa The Rule is expected to be released in the year 2023. Talking about Pushpa 2 release date, this film will be released worldwide in different languages. Pushpa 2 release date will be announced before December 2023, the first part was released after dubbing in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages.

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Pushpa 2 Release date

Pushpa film was released in the year 2021, South superstar Allu Arjun was seen in the lead role in this film, and Rashmika Mandanna was also in the lead role along with Allu Arjun, the story of the film is based on the smuggling of red sanders, let us tell you that  In the film, Allu Arjun plays the role of a laborer, who was living in poverty but chose a path from where he starts smuggling red sander in big cities by partnering with a smuggling gang. 

Pushpa is a character who is not afraid of anyone and is fearless who fights with gangsters, and he wants to take control over everything. At the beginning of the film, he joined a gang to make some extra money. His mother is widower and he has been denied his father’s name since his childhood days hence he is without a surname called pushpa raj.

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Pushpa Part 2 Movie Release date

Pushpa always wanted to become the king of the syndicate gang. Pushpa wins Reddy brother’s trust by his intelligence. When pushpa comes to know about Srinu cheating the reddy brothers and giving less money he directly sells red sanders to Chennai. This influenced Srinu to attack the Reddy brother’s and he killed Konda reddy. But pushpa saves jakka Reddy. Later MP Bhumireddy Naidu handled the situation. In the end pushpa and srivalli married each other but new SP Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat entered Pushpa’s life and he insulted pushpa when he arrived at shekhawat police station to invite him to a marriage party. Shekhawat knows about pushpa and he wanted to take control over Pushpa.

Later pushpa called him sir and gave respect shekhawat let freed pushpa but later Pushpa at gunpoint asked sp to undress and make him realize without uniform no one will recognise him but pushpa is known to everyone and will give respect even without clothes. At last we expect many more plot twists and action in pushpa part 2. 

Pushpa 2 the Rule

People are waiting for the release date of Pushpa 2. At the end of the film SP Shekhawat was in anger and wanted to take revenge for his insult by Pushpa. In the pushpa sequel, jalli reddy will take on Pushpa. In the part 2 of Pushpa, the rule srinu reddy will take revenge from Pushpa as he killed his man and snatched his business. Fans can expect the pushpa sequel to be more interesting and action-packed.

Pushpa 2 release date is not yet announced but the makers of the film declared the film right after the end of part one. Pushpa 2 is expected to release in December 2023. The release date for Pushpa 2 is not yet confirmed but As per the report, the sequel titled Pushpa 2 is under production and will be released in 2024. 

Film director Sukumar stated that the film script is locked and they are working on it. Pushpa 2 will be released on 16 December 2022. If it doesn’t get postponed due to sudden changes in the plan.

Pushpa 2 Movie Cast

Introduction of the main cast and crew members of Pushpa 2

  • Lead actors – allu arjun and rashmika mandanna, fahadh fassil, sunil, dhananjay, vijay, rao ramesh
  • Producers – Naveen, Y Ravi Shankar, CV Mohan
  • Director – Sukumar
  • Music – devi sri Prasad
  • Cinematography – miroslaw kuva brozek

Pushpa 2 Storyline & Plot

The storyline of Allu Arjun’s upcoming film Pushpa the rule is going to start from the end of Pushpa the rise, in this film Pushpa’s respect has increased and he also marries Srivalli, his business is also going well but at the same time new SP, bhanwar singh comes in the area and he doesn’t like Pushpa at all, and in the next part, SP will think of punishing Pushpa for his misbehavior with him he will try to arrest Pushpa and want to destroy her business, besides this, Pushpa may have to compete with Srinu Reddy as well.  In the next part, we will also see the Chennai smugglers who buy red sander from Pushpa, from this it seems that the third part of Pushpa may also come.

Pushpa 2 Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming film Pushpa 2 is not yet released as well as no teaser for part 2 is revealed by makers. But we can expect it in the mid-year of 2023.

pushpa 2 release date

Pushpa 2 Movie Latest Update

Pushpa 2 release date is not yet cleared by the makers but the script was locked and makers are working on it. It is being reported that some of the film dialogue was leaked from the sets of pushpa 2. The dialogue is “if the animals of jungle have taken four steps back then it means the tiger has arrived” it means pushpa raj has arrived. It is reported that many lengthy dialogue will be there in the Pushpa 2 sequel. The jungle dialogue will impress the audience.


Allu Arjun’s film Pushpa has been released in different languages ​​across India, the film proved to be a tremendous hit and the film’s earnings were also very high, there is a lot of craze in the audience about this film even now and the audience is waiting for the next part of this film.  In this article, we have given all the details of Pushpa The Rule film which the viewers are waiting for to release soon.

We have discussed Pushpa 2 release date, Pushpa sequel anticipated story, plot twist, what we can expect in part 2 of Pushpa film, the cast, and crew of the film Pushpa.


Is Pushpa 2 coming?

After the first part of pushpa the rise makers announced the 2nd part so definitely pushpa 2 is coming soon.

What is the Story of Pushpa 2?

The story will run from where it ended. We can expect srinu and Shekhawat will take revenge from Pushpa but Pushpa will rule as the title of the film indicates.

Is Pushpa a 3 part movie?

Pushpa part 3 is not yet announced but we can expect pushpa 3 announcement after Pushpa the rule is released in theatre.

Is Pushpa a movie flop or a hit?

Ans. Film Pushpa was released all over India and it was a blockbuster film of 2021

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