One Chip Challenge Death | US 14-Year Old Boy Dies After Eating Spicy Paqui Chip | Read To Know The Details

One Chip Challenge Death: One of the prominent social media challenges that has gained much attention is the One Chip Challenge. A cause for greater attention is the One Chip Challenge death involving a teenager who died as a result of engaging in it.

This challenge involves the consumption of a very spicy tortilla chip, which contains a compound in chilly peppers, capsaicin. Its consumption leads to a lot of mouth and throat pain. Besides, in some individuals, it can lead to health issues as well. 

This tortilla is from the snack company Paqui. Now, after the death of the teenager, the company is removing its signature spicy chips from the shelves around the country.

Read on to learn more about One Chip Challenge Death, and the teenager’s death.

One Chip Challenge Death

The One Chip Challenge is one of those many challenges that go viral on social media. This challenge was promoted by a famous tortilla chip company, Paqui. This company sold separate packages with one spicy chip. These packages have the One Chip Challenge label on them. 

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As per the challenge, a person had to consume the spicy tortilla chip and wait as much as they could before drinking or eating any other item. The company’s website challenged people to wait for the longest time after consuming a single chip.

According to their website, those who can wait for a full hour without drinking or eating anything else are invincible. Contrarily, those who consumed anything after a minute of consuming the chip were labelled ‘powerless.’ 

People who engaged in this challenge were also asked to post their experiences on social media. However, things soon turned haywire as a Massachusetts team died during the challenge. Harris Wolobah, a 14-year-old teenager, tried to complete the One Chip Challenge but soon became unresponsive.

He stopped breathing and was declared dead at the nearby hospital. Currently, a state medical examiner is investigating the death of Harris. The boy’s family suspects his death to be due to complications from the challenge. 

An Overview of the One Chip Challenge Death

On the face of it, this challenge is a seemingly simple one that does not seem to be harmful. However, when you look deeper, you’ll find that one tortilla chip that should be eaten as part of this challenge is dusted with Carolina Reaper and the Naga Viper. These are two of the hottest peppers in the whole world. 

The table below lists some key facts about the One Chip Challenge 

Name of the challengeOne Chip Challenge
Description of the challengeEat one extremely spicy tortilla chip dusted with the hottest pepper, and then go without eating or drinking for as long as possible.
Manufacturer of the tortilla chipPaqui
Cause of concernDeath of the 14-year-old teenager, Harris Wolobah
One Chip Challenge Death
One Chip Challenge Death

What Paqui Is Doing After the Death of Harris

As already mentioned above, the chips are made by Paqui. They are made using the hottest peppers that are meant to be consumed only by adults. After the death of Harris, the snack company is removing these spicy chips from the store shelves. The teen’s family has mentioned clearly on their GoFundMe page that they think Harris’s death is because of the complications from this challenge.

Paqui’s spokesperson said that they are removing their products because they care for its major consumers. The company has already witnessed an increase in the usage of products by teenagers. So, it is taking caution and removing their products from the shelf. This move is voluntary, it is not a recall, according to the spokesperson of the company.

They are also working with their retailers and giving refunds for purchases of these tortilla chips. As per the company, these chips are available at various drugstores, food retailers, and gas stations. 

Apart from these chips, the company also makes other products like Mucho Nacho Cheese and Zesty Salsa Verde.

The Hotness Factor in One Chip Challenge

The intensity of the hot and spicy flavor in these tortilla chips can differ from person to person. If you engage in it, you will feel a hot sensation in your mouth due to capsaicin. In bell pepper, experts use the Scoville heat units scale to determine the capsaicin level of foods. Pure capsaicin has nearly 15 million Scoville heat units. The two peppers in these tortilla chips have capsaicin of 2.2 million and 1.4 million SHU. 

The Safety Factor of One Chip Challenge 

It is seen that people who indulge in this challenge experience a lot of pain and a burning sensation in their mouth. Apart from this, they also experience intestinal discomfort. The consumption of capsaicin in this tortilla chip can also lead to serious health issues.

These include difficulty in breathing, allergic reactions, palpitations, and severe chest pain. In extreme instances, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 

If you are a child or a teenager, this challenge is strictly not for you. Those with food allergies and sensitivity to very spicy items should also not be a part of this challenge. Pregnant women should also fully exclude themselves from engaging in the One Chip Challenge. 

If you do partake in this challenge and experience unwanted symptoms, don’t waste any time in getting guidance from the Poison Control department. You can call them at 1-800-222-1222. The service is available throughout the day to help you. 

One Chip Challenge Death

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the One Chip Challenge been recalled?

The One Chip Challenge has been recalled because of the death of Harris Wolobah. He dies due to the complications he experienced after doing this challenge. 

Is the One Chip Challenge unhealthy?

The One Chip Challenge should not be performed by children, teenagers, pregnant women, and those with food allergies. It can trigger a lot of pain in the mouth and intestinal discomfort. 

Has anyone been hospitalized after engaging in the One Chip Challenge?

There have been reports of many teenagers being hospitalized after engaging in the One Chip Challenge. This is why the makers of these chips are removing the product from the shelves.

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