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Most Fours In IPL 2023: Do you know which batsman has hit the most fours in IPL 2023? It might be your favorite batsman from the Indian Premier League! As we know when the ball goes directly to the boundaries it’s a six and when it makes contact with anything first, it’s a four. The T20 IPL matches are short so it is very important for the team to hit more boundaries like sixes and fours to create a big score. There are many players in IPL who are able to hit great shots. 


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Some of them will be included in our list of the most fours in IPL 2023. As the Indian Premier League 2023 season is going on and there are 33 matches played till now. Many players have scored high runs by hitting huge boundaries. Here, we will be discussing players with most fours. If you are an IPL fan then make sure to read this post for a full update! 

Tournament Indian Premier League 
First Match31st March
Final Match28 May
Country India
Format T20

Updated List of Most Fours in IPL 2023 

Most Fours in IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 started on 31st March and we have updated the list of most fours in IPL 2023 till the recent match. The data listed on this post is taken from the official site and checked from different sources. Read which player has hit the most fours in this IPL season, and also find out how many matches they have played.  

1Yashasvi JaiswalRR621111477
2Devon ConwayCSK541110458
3Shubman GillGT491111469
4David WarnerDC471010330
5Shikhar DhawanPBKS4788349
6Faf du PlessisRCB451111576
7Jos ButtlerRR421111392
8Suryakumar YadavMI411111376
9Virat KohliRCB391111420
10Ishan KishanMI381111335
11Kyle MayersLSG351111359
12Wriddhiman SahaGT351111273
13Nitish RanaKKR301111326
14KL RahulLSG2899274
15Ruturaj GaikwadCSK271110384

Batsmen With Most Fours in IPL 2023 (2008-2023)

The batsmen with the most fours in IPL 2023 must be a competitor for IPL Orange Cap 2023. He can be from any team or might be your favorite player. There are many strong batsmen playing in IPL 2023 who have the capability of hitting fours. They continuously practice a lot for huge shots and always aim for the boundary. 

These are the batsmen with the most fours in IPL history. 

1Shikhar Dhawan 7012066244
2Virat Kohli578 2236624
3David Warner577 1625881
4Rohit Sharma519 2275879
5Suresh Rina506 2055528
6Gautam Gambhir492 1544217
7Robin Uthappa481 2054952
8Ajinjya Rahane431 1582074
9Dinesh Karthik426 2294376
10AB de Villiers413 1845162

What makes a Batsman hit Four in IPL?

The result of many factors when coming together at the right time is a four in IPL. These factors are like batsman’s skills, on-pitch situation, strategy, technique, and then execution. 

  • Firstly, the batsman needs a good level of skill and technique to hit the ball for a four. This can be done when he practices for it. He needs to have the ability to time the ball as well as hand-eye coordination. A batsman must understand his strengths and weaknesses and play according to them. He has to judge and hit the ball for four within a second. 
  • This was the factor from the batsman side but how the ball is delivered and whether it is actually right for a four or not is also important to know. The bowl being bowled plays a significant role in whether it will be a four by the batsman or not. A batsman can hit a boundary on a bowl delivered on a length and if the bowl is in the gap then it can be a clean bowled. 
  • The next factor that influences the boundary decision for the batsman is its playing conditions. Sometimes, batsmen hit boundaries at the start of the innings that settle their strategy and set a good momentum. Also, sometimes boundaries are not just a choice but also a need to win while chasing a high score.

Indian Premier League Boundaries Rules

  • A ball hitting the boundary without bouncing is six.
  • Ball hitting the boundary after bouncing is four. 
  • The ball that hits any object or fielder beyond the boundary will be considered six or four. 
  • The ball that hits any object or fielder before the boundary and then reaches the boundary then it will be a four. 
  • If a fielder is in contact with the boundary while touching the ball then it will be considered as six or four. 


This was our guide on the most fours in IPL 2023. We hope you have found this post useful. In conclusion, the record for the most fours in the Indian Premier League is a testament to the skill of some of the finest batsmen in the world of cricket. IPL fans want their favorite batsman to be on the list.  Which batsman will score the most fours at the end of the 2023 Indian Premer League Tournament? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

We will update this post soon! 

FAQs: Most Fours in IPL 2023

1. Who hits the most fours in IPL? 

As per the recent IPL match, Shikhar Dhawan has hit the most fours (701 in 206 matches)  in Indian Premier League till now. 

2. Who scored most in IPL 2023? 

Royal Challengers Banglore captain, Faf du Plessis has hit the most runs, 405 runs in 7 matches in IPL 2023. He is also at the top of the IPL orange cap list for 2023. 

3. Who smashed the most fours in IPL 2022?

Jos Buttler smashed the most fours in IPL 2022. He was playing for the Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2022 and hit 83 fours during the tournament. 

4. Who is Sixer King in IPL?

Chris Gayle has hit the most sixes in IPL (357).

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