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Godzilla Minus One Release Date: Toho Studio, which produced the iconic Godzilla for the first time in 1954, now the same production house is bringing back one more disastrous story about this monster, Godzilla minus one.

Directed by Takashi Yamazaki, “Godzilla Minus One”, also pronounced as Gojira Minus Wan, is all set to hit the theatres. Kindly read the complete article to know everything about Godzilla Minus One, trailer, release date, star cast, story, etc.

Godzilla Minus One Release Date

This is news of joy to all the fans of the Godzilla franchise, that sooner they will get to enjoy the 37th instalment of the Godzilla series in the theatres. Yes, Godzilla Minus One is all set to release in the theatres on 3 November 2023. But this will be only for the Japanese audience as it will be released on 3 November 2023 only in Japan.

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Moreover, its Western audience will witness the release of this movie on 1 December 2023. That means it will be released in Western markets such as Canada and the United States approximately one month later, on December 1, 2023. And as far as the Indian audience is concerned, nothing has been declared officially from its makers about its release date in India. 

Godzilla Minus One Release Date – Overview 

Movie NameGodzilla Minus One
Movie’s DirectorTakashi Yamazaki
Movie’s WriterTakashi Yamazaki
Production byToho Studios and Robot
ProducerKazuaki Kishida
Date of release in Japan3 November 2023
Release date in US and Canada1 December 2023
Country of OriginJapan
Original LanguageJapanese
CinematographyTakashi Yamazaki

Godzilla Minus One Release Date – Trailer 

Talking about the trailer of Godzilla Minus One, its teaser trailer has already been released on YouTube. So in case you haven’t watched the teaser trailer yet, you can watch it now on YouTube.  Its teaser trailer was released on 11th July 2023, by Toho. And has got more than a million views till now. Moreover, its teaser trailer is only about 32 seconds long.

Notably, the teaser introduces a very interesting aspect of the film – its time frame. This is so because most Godzilla movies depict the monster emerging around a decade after World War II, as a result of the nuclear radiation from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But this is not the case in “Godzilla Minus One.”  This movie’s timeline starts shortly after the atomic bombings, offering a unique perspective on Japan’s cultural and economic upheaval.

Godzilla Minus One Release Date

Godzilla Minus One Release Date – Star Cast

As of now, nothing has been announced about the name of the cast members in the film. So as of now the only cast member known to us is the monster Godzilla itself. Hopefully, fans will get to know about its casting details during the release time of its second longer trailer. So fans have to wait till its second trailer. 

But this upcoming Japanese monster film is directed by Takashi Yamazaki. In addition to that, its writer is also Takashi Yamazaki. Furthermore, this movie is created by Toho Studios and Robot. In this way, it is Toho’s 33rd Godzilla movie. And its distributors are Toho Co., Ltd.

Godzilla minus one Story

Despite being the 33rd instalment in the Godzilla series produced by Toho, “Godzilla Minus One” is expected to have a distinct storyline, separate from previous movies. While it shares a new setting and the assumption that this Godzilla is a result of nuclear radiation, detailed plot elements are currently undisclosed as of now.

The film seems to present Godzilla as a devil creature rather than the heroic guardian depicted in recent adaptations, returning to the classic Godzilla narrative style. In this way, this movie is showing similarity to its past franchise “Shin Godzilla”, which also showed Godzilla in a negative role.

The original 1954 Godzilla film goes beyond a typical monster movie. It serves as a timeless commentary on nuclear conflict, maintaining its relevance both visually and thematically. This generated an incredible number of follow-ups and spin-offs, building an early theatrical world that includes creatures like Mothra and King Kong. 

The subsequent movies feature Godzilla battling various adversaries, ranging from aliens to dragons, resulting in a mix of high-quality entertainment and comically poor executions.

Moreover, the Godzilla franchise has achieved success in Western markets, despite not always being produced by Toho. After the unsuccessful 1998 adaptation, a more favourable American reboot emerged in 2014 with Godzilla, followed by successful sequels and spin-offs like Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs. Kong, and the upcoming Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Fans tend to ignore the 1998 adaptation due to its loose connection to the franchise. Takashi Yamazaki is undoubtedly a very talented filmmaker and is known for revitalising franchises like “Lupin III: The First” and “Stand by Me Doraemon” series.

So this time also we can expect to bring his storytelling magic to the Godzilla Minus One. 


The article provides the complete details of the Upcoming Japanese film Godzilla minus one and it will debut in theatres on 3 November 2023 in Japan on the occasion of the Franchise’s 70th anniversary.  And after about one month i.e. on 1 December 2023, it will be released for its Western audience. Till then, you can watch its teaser, in case you haven’t watched it. You can also enjoy the previous parts of this franchise on various streaming platforms.

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