Cred Referral Code 2023 | Refer And Earn 1000 Cashback

Cred Referral Code 2023: Are you looking for a cred referral code? If yes then you are at the right place. You can get 1000/- when you sign up for the app and 750/- if someone joins through your referral. To know more about it, stay tuned till the end.

You can use CRED, a credit card payment service, to make payments online using your credit cards. The app was built by Kunal Shah, the company’s founder and the creator of Freecharge. 

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The CRED App aims to make using credit cards simpler by automating and streamlining the process. Using the app also grants access to a variety of benefits that can be achieved through deals using CRED coins or incentives that can be redeemed for cash.

Cred Referral Code 2023

To receive an Rs.1000 free balance, sign up using the Cred referral code.

Cred Referral Code 2023Click Here
Sign Up BonusRs.1000 Sign-Up Bonus
Referral AmountRs.750 Per Refer
App NameCred
Refer Valid forNew Users
Customer Care Support[email protected] or [email protected]
cred referral code 2023

Click Below To Open Cred Referral Code/Link

There is no referral code available. Proceed to install the app through the provided link.

About Cred App

Cred is an app for paying credit card bills, where you can also access your credit card and check your credit score. You can find numerous discounts and cashback.

Don’t miss the Cred app, you can earn endless money through a referral program, and you can also earn additional money through cashback. There are no apps available for cashback credit card bill payments. Therefore, using this app to pay your credit card payments is a good idea.

Don’t miss this app; download it right away to start making real money. Cred gives you shopping offers, subscriptions, and memberships like airfare booking at money-saving offers and Myntra offers Swiggy discounts and more cashback.

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Unbiased Cred App Review

Despite the fact that there are numerous apps like Paytm and Phonepe available for paying credit card bills. However, none of them offers Amazon or UBER points as the Cred app does.

The best app for paying credit card bills is this one. It is one of the most promising apps that pays you every time you pay your credit card bills, in different ways.

How To Get Rs.1000 On Signup In Cred App?

Step 1.

First, download the Cred App from the URL provided below.
Download Cred App

Step 2.

After clicking on that link, you will be taken to the Google Play Store where you may download and install it on your mobile device.

Step 3.

After that, input your mobile number and click the “I accept” button.

Step 4.

Simply select “Grant Permissions” and grant the required permissions.

Step 5.

Enter the OTP you just received on your registered mobile number, then click the Proceed option.

Step 6.

Next, type your first and last names and select the “Continue” button.

Step 7.

After doing so, you can select to receive WhatsApp alerts for your credit card bills.

Step 8.

Add your credit card on the next screen by entering the number and clicking Continue.

Step 9.

Type in the cardholder’s name to receive Rs. 1 on your card.

Step 10.

You are now on the Cred app’s home page.

Step 11.

Your registration for the Cred app is now complete and you will receive Rs. 1000 as a signup incentive.

How To Pay Rent Through Cred App?

It’s really easy to pay rent using the Cred app—just follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. First of all, open the app and scroll down.
  2. You will see a banner “Pay your rent with Cred”, click on that.
  3. Enter the amount that needs to be paid.
  4. Now, you can pay it with either UPI or a credit card.

How To Add New Card In Cred App?

  1. First, open the app and you will cards option, tap on that.
  2. You will see an option “Add Card” on the screen, click on that.
  3. Type in your credit card information and press “Continue”.
  4. At last, double-check it, and you’re good to go.

Cred Referral Code Refer & Earn Offer

1. Open the Cred app on your device.

2. Now, scroll down and go to the home page. You will find a banner that says “Refer and Earn”, click on that.

3. Now you can inform your friends and family about your referral code and they must use it while signing up. They will get 750/- as a sign-up bonus and you being the mediator will get 1000/-.

4. You can your referral code to different people to get more amount of money.

5. That’s it! You can transfer the amount you earn to your bank account.

How To Redeem Cred Earnings?

  • First of all, go to your app’s dashboard and tap on the “Club” section.
  • Now, you will see an option of “UNlocked referral cashback of 750/-“, click on that.
  • Just burn 10 gems now. Simply slide it.
  • Congrats! You will receive a flat cashback of 750.
  • Within 3 working days, it will credit your credit card.

How To Share Cred App Link On Whatsapp: Cred Referral Code

  • Download the application from the Apple or Play stores.
  • Your name and phone number will be necessary when you register, and you’ll use them to sign up later with your bank or credit card.
  • In order to obtain your minimum eligibility score, CRED will confirm your credit score with credit bureaus like CIBIL, Experian, CRIF, etc.
  • As soon as your credit card has been verified, you must settle the balance on your credit card, either in full, in part, or with a minimum payment of your choosing.
  • Any UPI-enabled app, Net Banking, debit cards, and UPI apps can all be used to pay bills.
  • You will get paid in cash and a fixed number of Cred Coins each time you pay your credit card bill.

Cred App Features

1. Credit card bill payment: Cred allows users to pay their credit card bills from the app. The app supports multiple banks and credit card providers.

2. Credit score tracking: Cred offers a free credit score tracking feature that allows users to monitor their credit scores over time. The app provides personalized insights and tips to help users improve their credit scores.

3. Cred Coins Rewards Program: Cred has a rewards program called Cred Coins that allows users to earn rewards for paying their credit card bills on time. Users can redeem their Cred Coins for various discounts and offers from popular brands.

4. Bill Tracking And Reminders: The app provides users with bill tracking and payment reminders, so they never miss a payment deadline.

5. Easy Payment Options: Cred offers a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI, and mobile wallets, making it easy for users to pay their bills from the app.

6. Secure Transactions: Cred uses advanced encryption and security measures to ensure that all transactions on the app are safe and secure.

These are just a few of the key features of the Cred app. Overall, the app is designed to help users manage their credit card bills more easily and efficiently while also offering rewards and incentives for responsible credit behaviour.

Click Below To Open Cred Referral Code/Link

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Cred App

Cred App Advantages:

  • When users register on the platform, the CRED app keeps all of the entered credit card information. You have a variety of options for paying your credit card bills, including internet banking, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), and automated pay through the app.
  • Customers who don’t have the minimum required credit score can still join the CRED community, but they won’t be able to make payments until they reach a credit score of at least 750.

Cred App Disadvantages:

  • When the CRED App first launched, many people were very upset with it since they had angrily accused it of having failed payments! It took a week and even longer for their credit cards and major accounts to be deducted, and they still hadn’t received any payment!

FAQs: Cred Referral Code

Q 1: What are the Cred Coin and Cred Gem Rewards?

A 1: CRED Coin Rewards: When you pay your credit card bill using CRED, you receive one CRED coin for each rupee that is cleared. After earning CRED coins, you can use them to receive exclusive offers.

CRED Gem Rewards: You receive 10 gems for each person you refer to CRED who pays their bill.

Q 2: How Can I Join The Cred App?

A 2: Registering on CRED with your name and a working (India-issued) phone number will allow you to apply to become a member. The most reliable and creditworthy community in India is CRED. This implies that they are picky about the members we accept. A minimum Experian credit score of 750 is required for participation.

Q 3: What is the Cred App?

CRED is a private network for members only that pays them for paying their credit card bills on time. After paying their credit card bills on CRED, users of CRED are given access to special perks and experiences from famous organizations.

Q 4: Is the CRED app secure?

A 4: They have implemented the necessary industry-standard security procedures specified by the PCI council, which enables them to protect all of their customers’ card data in a highly secure manner. This makes them PCI DSS v3. 2.1 certified business. They have successfully completed UPI compliance in accordance with NPCI Circulars 15B and 32.

Q 5: How does Cred Give a Reward?

A 5: In order to provide you with an unrivalled experience at the conclusion of each cycle of credit card bill payments, CRED teams up with the top premier and luxury brands.

Wrapping Up

The Cred App is a legitimate credit card payment app that simplifies the process of paying credit card bills and accessing credit scores. The app offers various discounts, cashback, and incentives, including a referral program that allows new users to earn Rs. 1000 as a sign-up bonus and Rs. 750 for each referral. 

Users can also pay rent using the app, add new credit cards, and redeem their earnings through the Club section. Overall, the Cred App is a reliable and user-friendly payment platform for credit card users, with various benefits and rewards. Thanks for reading.

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