Bigg Boss 16 Elimination Today: Check Week wise Elimination list

Bigg boss 16 elimination: When it comes to reality shows in India, Big Boss holds a special space in viewers’ hearts. It is one of the shows having a huge viewership. The reasons behind this are entertainment, controversy, and competition. We can even call this show an Indian version of a Dutch reality show ‘Big Brother’.

Big Boss is produced by Endemol Shine India, Viacom, and Disney Star. The first season was broadcast in 2006. The broadcast was done by Sony TV. From the second season onwards, the broadcasting is being done by Colors TV. The concept of this show is very simple. A group of contestants shares a house. These ‘housemates’ together go through fun, arguments, fights, and other ups and downs. The contestants also get love from the audience in the form of votes. The one who wins receives a cash prize.

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Bigg boss 16 elimination

Big Boss has been ruling the hearts of viewers since 2006. It has completed its 15 seasons successfully. Now the “Big Boss chahte hain ki aap” voice will be heard again as the Big Boss Season 16 is ongoing. It started in October 2022. Salman Khan is again hosting the show. Lets see who is evicted from Bigg boss 16 today

Bigg boss 16 elimination- Overview

The first episode of Big Boss season 16 was released on 1 October 2022. 17 contestants participated in season 16. Now only 9 contestants are competing to be the winner. Let’s have a look at all those faces Who got eliminated in Bigg boss 16 elimination

Bigg boss 16 contestants name

  1. Abdu Rozik
  2. Sajid Khan
  3. Ankit Gupta
  4. Priyanka Choudhary
  5. MC Stan
  6. Archana Gautam
  7. Shiv Thakre
  8. Shalin Bhanot
  9. Gautam Vig
  10. Tina Dutta
  11. Sreejita De
  12. Manya Singh
  13. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia
  14. Sumbul Touqeer Khan
  15. Dr. Soundarya Sharma
  16. Gori Nagori
  17. Vikas Manaktala

Out of these 17 contestants, 8 contestants have been eliminated in the most recent elimination on the show.

Bigg boss 16 elimination Today | Bigg boss 16 eviction today

Recently, Abdu Rozik and Sajid Khan walked out of the Big Boss house. Before them, Ankit Gupta was eliminated on 24 December 2022. The competition between the remaining Big Boss Season 16 contestants is getting more intense every day. The roller coaster of controversy is also speeding up in every episode. This article is about the Big Boss Season 16 elimination round in which we have discussed elimination criteria and an elimination prediction that will help the readers to know which contestant will walk out next.

A brief detail of every eliminated contestant is also shared with our readers. If you also want to know what will be the elimination impact on the upcoming episodes then continue reading the article. The contestant eviction will be based on the votes received. Let us read about the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 Elimination

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Online

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Bigg boss 16 elimination – Who got eliminated?

The Big Boss 16 started with a total of 17 participants. Now only 9 housemates are sharing the Big Boss House. 8 contestants who got eliminated recently are:

  1. Abdu Rozik (Social Media Star)
  2. Sajid Khan (Film Director)
  3. Ankit Gupta (TV Actor)
  4. Gautam Vig (TV Actor)
  5. Sreejita De (TV Actress)
  6. Manya Singh (Miss India)
  7. Gori Nagori (Dancer)
  8. Vikas Manaktala (Actor)

The most recent elimination round of Bigg boss 16 elimination shocked everyone. Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan, and Sreejita De left the Big Boss in this recent elimination. There are several reasons behind the elimination of these contestants. Voting, results, and performance in tasks are some of the factors considered in the elimination criteria.

As per the news, Sajid’s contract with the show was till 12 January 2022. As the contract came to an end, Sajid walked out of the house. Abdu Rozik left the show for his other work projects. Sreejita got eliminated after she was nominated along with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, MC Stan, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Sreejita got lesser votes compared to Nimrit, MC, and Sumbul. This resulted in his exit from the house.

The triple elimination in the show has shocked everyone. The fans are also upset to see their favorites leaving the show. Now the audience is excited to witness the upcoming Big Boss 16 winner. On the other hand, the remaining contestants are putting in their best efforts to continue in the show.

Analysis of the elimination- Bigg boss 16 who got eliminated

The Bigg boss 16 elimination of three contestants in a short period has raised fear in the hearts of other contestants. Every housemate is trying to keep him/her safe but the fate of the remaining contestants will be decided through voting, results, their performance, and their behavior towards each other. This elimination round has also raised many questions. Several controversies could be an answer to these questions.

Sajid’s pain while bidding goodbye to the show was visible during the eviction. His participation in Big Boss faced many controversies earlier. He pranked Abdu Rozik which made Rozik nothing but offended. However, his exit from the show was voluntary. Sajid’s contract with the show ended on 12 January. After this, he was made to leave the show.

Abdu also voluntarily left the show because of his other work projects and commitments. Sreejita received fewer votes than MC Stan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan and was evicted from the show. We can’t deny any possible biased behaviour or controversy behind the elimination. The upcoming episodes will make things clear.

Presently, 9 housemates are sharing the Big Boss house. The competition is getting crazy every day. Out of these 9, one will be selected as the Bigg Boss Season 16 winner. The future eliminations could give an idea about the potential winner. Different predictions about the winner are made by the audience. The future eliminations will be based on votes. The fans cannot control their reactions anymore. 

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2022

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Fans’ Reaction On Bigg boss 16 elimination

After Abdu left, housemates became emotional and shared their memories of him. This even made the fans emotional. Every contestant’s fans are praying and voting for him/her. Though elimination leaves everyone emotional it is a significant part of the show to decide a winner. Elimination is based on factors like:

  • Votes
  • Behavior
  • Performance
  • Results

In the starting, a total of 17 contestants stepped into the Big Boss house. All the contestants belong to different fields. The current season was filled with so much fun, entertainment, love, fights, controversies, and excitement. Viewers enjoyed every single episode of the show. But there were some moments that made the audience upset. These were the moments of elimination. But as we have discussed above, elimination is a significant aspect of the show. Through this process, a more clear view of the winner gets visible.

Bigg boss 16 Nominated contestants this week

Viewers are now passionately waiting to know the winner. After a few more episodes, we will come to know the winner. But till then, fans are making predictions related to the winner. Predictions related to future eliminations are also made. Many of our readers also watch Big Boss daily and they have several thoughts related to the show. The thoughts and opinions may vary from person to person. Behind every prediction and thought there is a reason and emotion. It would be great to hear from our readers their thoughts and opinions on the elimination and the show.


In this blog, we have not only talked about the Big Boss show but we have thrown light on the Bigg boss 16 elimination round too. We discussed the concept of the show and the current season of Big Boss. 100-plus episodes of the show have already been broadcasted on Colors TV. Now the upcoming episodes will decide the winner of this show.

The Big Boss Season 16 started on 1 October 2022. At the initial stage, 17 contestants were there. After many elimination rounds, the number of contestants remained 9 contestants. Now out of these 9, only 1 will be the winner. The Big Boss Season 16 has entertained the audience a lot.

We hope that our readers have enjoyed reading this blog about Bigg boss 16 elimination. We have talked about different latest updates on Big Boss 16 eliminations List and other events of the show. We keep giving all the latest updates regarding the show on our blog. Readers who watch Big Boss regularly should keep visiting our website to know the latest update on the show.


Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 16?

Recently, Sajid Khan, Abdu Rozik, and Sreejita De got eliminated from Bigg Boss 16.

Is Abdu eliminated from Bigg Boss 16?

Yes. Abdu Rozik got eliminated from Bigg Boss 16 recently.

Why Abdu eliminated from Bigg Boss 16?

Abdu Rozik was eliminated from Bigg Boss 16 on a voluntary basis. He quit the show because of his other work projects.

Is the winner of Bigg Boss Season 16?

The winner of Bigg Boss Season 16 will be declared soon in the upcoming few days.

Who are the eliminated contestants of Bigg Boss?

Out of 17, a total of 8 contestants of Big Boss have been eliminated. The recent eliminations were of Sajid Khan, Sreejita De, and Abdu Rozik

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