BGMI India Release Date 2023, Unban News, Govt Notice, Download Process

BGMI India Release Date 2023: If you are a big fan of the BGMI game, you are going to get good news soon. Yes, you have heard accurately. The government of India has made up its mind to decide on BGMI Relaunch Date 2023 and it will be unbanned by the end of May 2023.

However, there is no confirmation about the exact date and time of relaunching, but players can feel light-hearted that the game will be unbanned soon. So, do not feel heartbroken as you can play your favorite game again.

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Here, if we talk about when the Government has banned this game? It is about three months ago when the government banned BGMI because it violated the data and privacy parameters. Mobile stores will restore the new version of the game after getting a single positive sign of relaunching. To make this dream true, almost all the developers are trying their best for the game to come into existence soon.

In this article, we are going to share more stories about the BGMI India Release Date 2023. So, all the BGMI game lovers can stay tuned with the article till the end. Plus, you can also bookmark this page so that you can stay informed with every information about the relaunching of the game.

BGMI India Release Date 2023 In India

Let’s check out the BGMI India Release Date 2023 and events below:

Name of the gameBattle Ground Mobile India (BGMI)
Name of the developer of BGMIKrafton India
Category of the ArticleTech
Type of the GameBattle game multiplayer
Date of releasing the game in IndiaJuly 2021
Date of the Ban in India28th July 2022
Reason for the Ban of the GameViolation and data breach
Relaunch date of the Game in IndiaEnd of May 2023 (Expected)
Any noticeTo be updated soon

Is there any confirmation about BGMI India Release Date?

As we know, BGMI is the most played game in India, and almost all people want to play this game to enjoy their day. But, as per the Government, it has violated the rules and regulations and got banned on 28th July 2023.

Here, the developers have tried their best to relaunch this BGMI game. After making lots of efforts, they have succeeded to get BGMI Relaunch Date 2023, i.e., by the end of May 2023 (expected).

BGMI Re-launch Date 2023: Steps To Download BGMI India APK

BGMI game lovers are now feeling very relieved after hearing the BGMI India Release Date 2023 news. However, there is no confirmation about the exact date and time of relaunching but, they can keep a check on the official website given above. Once it will relaunch, you can follow the below steps and enjoy the most loving game with full zest and zenith. Look at the below steps:

  1. In this first step, try to access the official website, i.e., You can use here your Android or any compatible phone.
  2. Then, you need to opt out of the iOS download button. It requires your Operating system for the same.
  3. Now, you need to have patience for some time until it can start beginning downloading. Next, let the application be downloaded completely.
  4. Now is the time for installing the game on your phone after completing the download.
  5. Now, you can play the game and enjoy your day to the fullest.

The above steps are the most effortless that anyone can adopt to play the game. So, follow them and play your BGMI game.

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rumors and highlights of BGMI: BGMI India Release Date 2023

  • It is to inform the players that the government of India has requested the Game BGMI be taken down from the Apple Application store and the play store Google.
  • BGMI game is now not available in India to play and enjoy.
  • The developers of the game are ready to collaborate with the Government, so they can make the game come into existence soon.
  • It has also been reported that the server of the BGMI game is going to be changed this time.

Important news of BGMI India Release Date 2023

  • According to the latest news, the BGMI game is geared up to relaunch in India in May 2023 (expected).
  • As we know, there is no confirmation about the exact date and time to relaunch the date. Still, players are happy to hear the news of the BGMI Re-launch Date of 2023. Now, they can resume playing soon.
  • According to the news, it is only a year since BGMI has banned in India.
  • It is to be noted that the Ministry of Information Technology and BGMI are ongoing various meetings to lift the ban on this game.
  • Now, all the game lovers can play the game again soon once it will be unbanned in May 2023 (expected).


The government of India has made up its mind to decide on BGMI Re-launch Date 2023 in May 2023 (expected). Even though there is no confirmed date has been decided for the same, players can dream to play their most loving BGMI game soon. In the above article, we have tried to cover almost all the information about the game, relaunch date, and other data. So, bookmark this article and stay updated.


What is the BGMI Re-launch Date in 2023 decided by the Government of India?

The Government of India has not decided on the exact date and time to relaunch the BGMI. It is only speculation that it will be unbanned expectedly in May 2023.

Why the Government of India has banned the BGMI in India?

The Indian Government has banned BGMI in India because it has violet the data and privacy parameters.

Which category BGMI game belongs to?

BGMI game belongs to the tech category.

Is it easy to download the BGMI on Android?

Yes, it is absolutely easy and comfortable to download BGMI on an Android phone. You can follow the above steps and enjoy playing the game once it will be relaunched.

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