BGMI Beta Tester 2023: BGMI Early Access For Selected Users, Check How to Become a Beta tester

BGMI Beta Tester 2023: Krafton is going to release the most famous Battlegrounds Mobile India. It will introduce its beta version to the selected users. Currently, BGMI Beta Tester APK is available only for selected users, and the reason behind it is Krafton has invited only limited people to check this version out.

As we know, krafton introduces its BGMI Beta Tester to the community after announcing its return to the market. Karfton allowed only selected users to check and use the modified version of BGMI Beta Tester 2023. Here, if any person visits the official link to get BGMI Beta Testor then, he will receive a message from Krafton “You are not invited or the app is not available for this account.” But in case, if Krafton invites you, you will receive the message after visiting the official website, i.e., you are invited to become a tester.

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BGMI tester will be returning soon for the gamers to play this game. However, there is no confirmation about the exact date and time for the arrival of the game. It could be this month or not. Here, if we talk about the release date, there are many speculations taking place from various individuals. According to the Instagram QNA live, the Godlike Esports owner talked about this game and that it will be returned in four to five days most, probably. As per him, the expected date of BGMI return is 21 or 22nd May 2023. So, gamers can wait a little more to get and play their favorite game.

BGMI Beta Tester 2023: Tester link

 As we know, BGMI is available for only selected users. If anyone visits the official website without the permission of Karfton, he will receive the message “You are not invited”. But if you have the permission of Krafton, you can click on the link to check out your favorite BGMI tester. For this purpose, you need to go to the official website and log in with your valid credentials.

Steps to become a BGMI Beta Tester and download BGMI version 1.4.0 APK: BGMI Beta Tester

BGMI Beta Tester 2023

Listed below are the steps:

Step 1.

Users need to click on the link.

Step 2.

After clicking on the link, users will find an option to become a tester. They must click on the “Become a tester” option and then, click to join the beta program.

Step 3.

After the above step, tap on the “Download this on google play” tab.

Step 4.

Now, users need to press the install tab. After this practice, the game will start downloading on the Android device.

Step 5.

Now the game is ready to open. Here, users can choose the pack of the resources: first, low Spec resource pack, i.e., 379.6 MB, and second, HD Resources Pack, i.e., 618.2 MB.

Step 6.

Now is the time when the users can log in to the game on their compatible device and enjoy playing.

5 Beta tester jobs to make money: BGMI Beta Tester 2023:

Here are 5 beta tester jobs to make money:

1. Tester work:

With the help of tester work, members can get the opportunity to earn money through testing websites and applications in their spare time. For this purpose, they have to register with the website and pass the assessment test.

2. Beta family:

It is also a good option to earn some money. These testers can browse through the tests to check whether the individual is fit for the specific area or not. After finishing the test, the test owner assigns the rating to each tester. Here, a high rating will promote more invitations in the future.

3. Test 10:

It is the freelance testing community created for start-ups and leading companies to produce higher-performance applications. It includes guidance on how to undergo the tests and create detailed bug reports. Individuals will receive the invitations based on their skills.

4. Betabound:

It is a free online platform combining developers and testers from all over the world. It creates efficient technological products. It is the most famous work-from-home job out there for those who want to do something in their life.

5. Totem Arts:

It is the team behind the creation of the popular game renegade x. This is the perfect job for job seekers to provide input and feedback towards the new game development.

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Krafton has invited only selected users to use the updated version of BGMI. If you are the same, you can download it by following the above steps and enjoy the game to the fullest. In the above article, we have covered almost information regarding the comeback of BGMI which is most probably on the 21st or 22nd of May 2023. Since this arrival date of BGMI is not confirmed, still, users can get ready to play their most loving game soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When BGMI will arrive this month?

The BGMI game will arrive most probably on the 21st or 22nd of May 2023. However, there is not any confirmation about it.

2. Are all individuals invited to use the updated version of BGMI?

No, krafton has invited only selected individuals to use the BGMI’s updated version.

3. What are the steps t download BGMI Beta Tester 2023?

Users can follow the above steps to download BGMI on their Android mobile phones.

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