Top 9 Best Gaming Earphones In India In 2023 (Latest Earphones)

Best Gaming Earphones in India: As everyone is familiar, since the lockdown, the gaming industry has become the biggest source of income for professional gamers in India through broadcasting in real time, contests, and gaming tournaments. Due to all of these prospects, gamers who own Best Gaming Earphones in India may become the talk of the town.

If you’re starting in gaming or playing with a tight budget, we’ve gathered a list of some best gaming earphones in India.

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List of the 9 Best Gaming Earphones in India

Our unit has provided you with the best gaming earphones options. These earphones are wonderful for giving mobile gamers an advantage over their peers. Let’s prep you for an unforgettable gaming adventure!

1. AirSound A100 Gaming Earphones

AirSound A100 Gaming Earphones one of the Best Gaming Earphones in India


✔️Delivers realistic 3D Stereo Sound with a 10mm Dynamic Driver.

✔️Comprises 360-degree-adjustable noise-canceling microphones and dual microphones.

✔️Longevity and reliability are provided by high-quality, robust cable.


❌Some users have noted discomfort or ear pain during ample usage.

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These earphones have been intricately designed at a 45° angle while promising a snug fit that safeguards the earbuds from slipping out, easing the endless playing of games without any kind of discomfort. It is amazingly weightless and comprises noise isolation technology that filters out distracting sounds in order to enrich the gaming experience.

The high-quality and exceptionally resilient wires that come with the earphones further give you the ease of assurance that, with regular care, they won’t easily tangle or damage.

This earphone’s extraordinary 10mm dynamic driver with 3D Surround capabilities makes them superior for gaming on PCs or mobile devices. This combo raises your gaming experience for games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, FIFA, and more by delivering crystal clear, vivid sound with strong bass. 

The earphones also have a double microphone function that can be unplugged and rotated 360 degrees in need of communication. This function assures superior noise cancellation, allowing crystal-clear, uninterrupted communication in any setting. The microphone’s overall efficacy extends even more by its outstanding sensitivity and static-free arrangement.


  • Full-featured in-line remote control that’s compatible with both an in-line and a boom mic.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility, allowing effortless usage with 3.5mm AUX Jack-equipped platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PC, laptop, phone, tablet, and more.
  • The investment includes an easy 7-day return policy on Amazon and a 1-year warranty.

2. JBL C200SI Wired Gaming Earphones

JBL C200SI Wired Gaming Earphones


✔️Embrace the superb JBL Signature Sound.

✔️More exemplary ergonomics and a beautiful metallic finish.

✔️Use the noise cancellation option to your advantage.


❌Not suited for calling.

❌When the level is turned up high or down, the sound may become harsh.

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These earphones have a simplistic look and an incredibly durable design weighing just 18g. The three diverse sizes of ear tips that are given add to the ideal level of comfort. We have personally utilized them for gaming sessions lasting two to three hours without pain.

The earphones have a metallic finish and a sleek and luxurious design. Three lovely colors are accessible for you to pick from: Blue, Black, and Grey, which adds an elegant finish.

These earphones are not going to fall short in terms of sound bass. With their glorified JBL Signature Sound, it’s likely to hear every detail clearly, as well as footsteps and gunfire. They are excellent for Battlegrounds Mobile and other games where sound grasp is critical.

The earphones further feature highly responsive microphones and noise-canceling attributes to ensure clear communication with your gaming squad. While testing them out personally while playing battlegrounds Mobile India, We were blown away by the incredibly clear speech delivery. These earphones deliver a stellar gaming and communication venture, putting them among the best gaming earphones.


  • You can personalize your earphone settings with the Smart Key App.
  • Mic button formatting options for choosing between Volume control or track control functions.
  • Hands-free phone calls are feasible with an in-line mic.
  • 7-day substitute policy with a 1-year warranty on Amazon.

3. MI Dual Driver Gaming Earphones

MI Dual Driver Gaming Earphones


✔️Features two dynamic drivers with a size of 10 mm and 8 mm and an amplitude response range of 20 Hz to 50 kHz.

✔️Relish passive noise cancellation for finer audio quality.

✔️Delivers tremendous bass and clean, sharp vocals for a full-bodied audio venture.

✔️The braided cable assures a tangle-free user experience.


❌Sometimes the microphone instantly rejects calls, which can be frustrating.

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MI Dual Driver best Gaming Earphones provide an anodized aluminum chamber with a sleek, reliable design that matches pleasingly with the vast majority of smartphones and computers featuring 3.5mm AUX Jacks. A secure fit is made foolproof by the clever 90° close-fitting design. The earphones’ overall lifespan is also enhanced by the fact that their wires are scarcely apparent.

These earphones are an ideal pick for travel or heavy usage in gaming because of their spacious 125 cm tangle-free braided cord that offers comfort without any issues.

Thanks to the Dual 10 & 8mm Dynamic Drivers, which deliver a superb sound experience with rich bass and acute treble, the audio quality is remarkable. These Dual drivers deliver an extensive sound stage with an impressive Bandwidth Response Range of 20-40000Hz because they have been crafted to mitigate distortion and focus on frequencies.

The earbuds further feature premium passive noise cancellation technology that actually blocks out diverting noises from the outside, providing customers with a crystal-clear audio experience.


  • Convenient 3-button operation for easy use and the voice assistant may be employed by long-pressing the play/pause button.
  • Magnetic earplugs with anti-slip function are enclosed for secure and comfortable wear.
  • Delivers additional assurance with a 6-month warranty and a 7-day return policy on Amazon.

4. Cosmic Byte CB-EP-04 Gaming Earphones

Cosmic Byte CB-EP-04 Gaming Earphones


✔️Includes an adaptor, a carrying pouch, and extra soft earphones.

✔️It equips passive noise cancellation, which optimizes listening quality.

✔️It begets crisp vocals and strong bass to form a full-bodied audio experience.

✔️It has a braided cable that won’t tangle, making use and storage simple.


❌Often slips out of the ear, necessitating adjustments while playing.

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We have put up an assortment of earphone options that stand out due to their outstanding craftsmanship and stylish looks. These Cosmic Byte Gaming Earphones are one of the latest to feature braided cables, which offer ease and prevent icky tangles—also weighing about just 18g.

These earphones have a truly phenomenal appearance that isolates them from others in the market. Due to their ergonomic design, they are pleasing to use for a longer amount of time. Their delicacy and compact build amplify their charm.

The high-quality, soft silicone earphones let gamers also enjoy music for extended periods without feeling uneasy.

These earphones equip superb sound and microphone quality. They offer Dual Microphones with a retractable offer and Ultimate 10mm Sound Drivers, making gaming chats and interactions more suitable.

The high, mid, and low-frequency sound caused by the 10mm sound speakers is crystal clear and completely immersive, taking your gameplay to the next level. The adjustable microphone is also fantastic for actions like streaming, watching YouTube, or playing games with pals. The In-Cable microphone is also available for call pickup and effortless performance of other tasks when you don’t require the detachable microphone.


  • Commonly compatible with many other devices that feature a 3.5mm AUX connector, including PCs, Xbox, PS4, and PS5.
  • The device has two dynamic drivers with diameters of 10mm and 8mm, showing a staggering response time range of 20–40000Hz.

5. ASUS ROG Cetra II Gaming Earphones

ASUS ROG Cetra II Gaming Earphones


✔️The built-in microphone works in the Ambient mode.

✔️Pleasing look due to the lightweight metal body. 

✔️Comes with customizable multi-color RGB lighting which is really unique.


❌No cons found as of now.

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One of the Best Gaming Earphones in India, The Asus Cetra II Core is a higher-end version of the Cetra Core, an in-ear monitor (IEM) made specifically for gamers. It stands out owing to the ROG Cetra II Core’s essential drivers. The usage of superior LSR material in the building of these drivers results in good speaker performance and deeper bass levels. 

Gaming becomes more compelling and engrossing because of the superb bass. Additionally, the equalizer allows you to alter the audio profile to precisely adjust the sound to your gaming fancies and heighten your sense of involvement.

The in-line mic in these earphones delivers crystal-clear audio quality for communication. During phone calls and in-game discussions, your voice will be audible due to the noise reduction technology. To totally lose yourself in your games without pauses, earphones also perform incredibly well at noise isolation.

The Certa II has a revamped look due to its black and red color scheme. The earphones come with silicon tips and ear fins to increase comfort, even during long hours of gaming.

They come with a hardshell travel pouch to hold your earphones intact while you are on your way. Additionally, for added convenience, the kit comes with a twin 3.5mm splitter cable as well as silicon and foam tips.

The Asus Cetra II Core is a terrific option for gamers due to its superb blend of superior sound, cozy design, and handy features.


  • Delivers intuitive in-line controls that make it simple to play/pause music and change the volume settings.
  • ASUS Essence drivers have been skillfully fine-tuned to bear powerful bass.
  • Cleverly hidden microphones with noise-suppression technology.
  • Feature ultrasoft liquid silicone rubber (LSR) ear fins and tips.
  • The earphones’ scratch-resistant metal housing feature not only oozes a premium feel but also ensures durability.

6. Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones

Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones


✔️There are several combination colors available.

✔️Three soft, bendable silicone tips for a snug fit in your ears.


❌Although it does a fine job of isolating background noise in noisy areas, it does not accurately do so. 

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The Logitech G333 is the next product in our list of the best gaming earphones in India. The exemplary sound quality of these earphones is one of their primary qualities. They offer rich, harmonious audio that improves the caliber of the music, sound effects, and in-game voice acting. The G333’s astonishing bass can make you feel assertive in some games yet balanced in others. The earphones also perform admirably for other types of media, like music, movies, and audiobooks, alongside gaming.

Another pleasant feature is the merged microphone, resulting in crystal-clear, rich audio. Thankfully, Asus puts realistic buttons to regulate volume and playback on the right earbud.

It has a sleek capsule-shaped aluminum body with three funky color combo options available, white with lavender ear tips, black with blue ear tips, and purple with yellow ear tips. A 3.5mm-to-USB-C converter, a tiny zip-up pouch, and silicon tips come in the packaging to ensure a secure fit during long-term use.


  • Superb in-line microphone for clear discussion and communication.
  • 3.5 mm auxiliary port or USB-C port options are given.

7. Redgear Ceb-150 Gaming Earphones

Redgear Ceb-150 Gaming Earphones


✔️A dazzling RGB LED effect on the earphones contributes to the visual appeal.

✔️Creates a chic gaming environment.

✔️Convenient 1.2m cord and Type-C Interface.


❌Mainly made for Type-C mobile devices,  audio conversion on AUX-equipped devices will be critical for users.

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The Redgear Ceb-150 gaming earphones are more comfy and stylish than similar models that cost less than 2000. The thrilling RGB LED Effect on the earbuds of these best gaming earphones, which feature a flexible and elegant design, intensifies the gaming experience. They are quite portable, weighing only 13 grams, encouraging gamers to play for long periods of time without feeling any pain or deterioration in their gaming experience.

They slide into the ears without posing any issues, thanks to their high-quality silicone ear hooks. Players have a wonderful, lifelike gaming experience from the Intense 10mm Sound speakers. These earphones are well-praised since they are perfect for action-packed games like BGMI Mobile, Call of Duty, Fortnite Mobile, and others. These gaming earphones are a good pick if you are a competitive gamer.


  • The handy on-cable remote control makes it snappy to reach volume controls and other critical functions.
  • Severable Omnidirectional Microphones are a further benefit that makes sure your voice gets picked up clearly in any order.

8. Sony MDR-EX150AP Gaming Earphones

Sony MDR-EX150AP Gaming Earphones


✔️The properly proportional sound produced is by 9mm neodymium drivers.

✔️Ultra-lightweight design for effortless mobility.

✔️The exceptional frequency range of 5 Hz to 24,000 Hz for a detailed audio replay.


❌Average wire quality that might affect durability.

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One of the Best Gaming Earphones in India, Sony MDR-EX150AP  weighs about 17 grams and is quite comfy with durable, snug-fitting earphones. They are quite lightweight for excellent gaming mobility. After studying the reviews and user comments on these earphones, we felt it was a steadfast choice.

When it comes to the earphones’ design, they are pretty simple and have a shiny metallic finish enclosure and Six different colors that go with and complement your style. Additionally, Sony includes wire intangibility with the earphones that you may use to arrange the cables and prevent tangling.

The 9mm neodymium drivers in these earphones produce a strong, well-balanced sound that is worth applauding for its quality. These earphones’ 5Hz–24,00Hz frequency range allows you to hear every nuance in each recording while retaining musical flow.

These earphones’ microphones are only appropriate for simple hand-free calls and lack crystal-clear voice qualities.


  • 3-button function for better operability.
  • The power to activate the voice assistant through a long press on the play/pause button.
  • Includes extra Anti-slip magnetic earplugs for a secure extension.

9. Razer Hammerhead Duo Gaming Earphones

Razer Hammerhead Duo Gaming Earphones


✔️The in-built microphone performs admirably, with brilliant sound being captured. 

✔️Delivers an enjoyable audio experience with balanced sound across the full frequency range. 


❌If you’re a bass lover, you might want to go for other options on the market.

❌Even if the noise inhibition is decent, certain outside sounds can still be heard via earphones. 

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One of the Best Gaming Earphones in India, The Hammerhead Duo from Razer is an astonishing set of earphones intended to plead to casual users and gamers. The earpiece has an aluminum body that is both lightweight and firm, guaranteeing a high-quality build. This product’s braided cable prevents it from tangling and gives it a more opulent appearance.

With these earphones, comfort is the primary goal. The angled tips and velvety silicone cuffs make it feasible for gamers to wear them comfortably for a longer period of time.

The clear soundstage permits players to hear essential game details like explosions and footsteps audibly, and this part will be specially praised by gamers. 

The microphone lies further down the cord, which is something to keep in mind because it could take some getting acquainted with.

However, the Razer Hammerhead Duo’s total box makes it an alluring alternative for anyone looking for a flexible earphone option.


  • Control button that players may utilize to skip tracks, alter the volume, answer calls, and access a virtual helper.
  • There is no grimace at any volume, even at maximum volume, and the audio is still crisp and precise at low volumes. 

Buying Guide for Best Gaming Earphones in India

Now let’s head on to crucial technological things to keep in mind before purchasing the best gaming earphones in India.

Sound Bass Quality

When you play a game, one bad step can end your game. In light of this, it is crucial to hold onto good stereo sound bass quality.

This makes sure to provide you with a sensible effect and gives a belief that the sound is coming from various angles.


Heavy earphones might be draining for people who listen to music 24/7. Having handy earphones is, therefore, the ideal option. Lightweight earphones have the benefit of being more effortless to carry in the earphone pouch or kit.

Noise Reduction Technology

There are two distinct styles of earphones for indoors and outdoors. The outdoor earphones offer good noise cancellation that helps get a clear voice, whether music or an important meeting, while the indoor earphones are built to work in a calm area and have modest noise cancellation.


Never turn a blind eye to assistance, replacement, and warranty. Make sure your product has a guarantee of at least one year to employ the company’s services to the fullest.


1. Which Gaming Earphones to Buy for iPhone?

Although each one of the options mentioned above will perform great on iPhone, however, you can ASUS ROG Cetra II and Logitech G333 are more suitable picks. 

2. What differentiates gaming earphones from ordinary earphones?

Noise-canceling technology, multichannel audio, and a mic for in-game chat are every advantage of gaming earphones. In addition, they are firmer and have a more elongated battery life than traditional earphones.

3. Can I use wireless earphones for gaming?

Wireless earphones may be more comfy for ample gaming hours and allow more mobility. On the other hand, Wired earphones tend to have a more reliable connection and may offer more pleasing audio output.


The best gaming earphones for one person might not be the most suitable one for another. We are sure that our thorough research of customer reviews and rigorous testing of the earphones mentioned in this post can help people make the ideal choice.

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