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Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration: The Assam Government introduced a new scheme on June 8th, 2023 known as the Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration to increase the greenery in the state. Assam Government also going to give financial aid to the people who are planting the seeds and there are also other benefits from this scheme that citizens shouldn’t miss out on.

The Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration 2023 requires everyone to plant tree saplings. This scheme provides new Job opportunities to the Citizens of Assam and financial grants to people. 

Don’t worry we have given all the important information that you have to look out for related to the Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration below. We have given a details application procedure, objectives and benefits of the scheme, and many more regarding the Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration. Scroll down below to know all the information regarding the Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration 2023. 

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration

On June 8th, 2023 the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sharma launched the Amrit Brikha Andolan scheme in the state of Assam. The main objective of this scheme is to plant 1 Crore seedlings in the upcoming months across the state of Assam and also give people some financial aid through the Amrit Brikha Andolan. 

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The State Government is going to give 100 Rs in financial aid to people who participated in this scheme and also 200Rs in the 3rd Year of this scheme for plant protection and survival. If you also want to join Amrit Brikha Andolan, you can register for it using the below application procedure. 

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Overview 

Scheme Name Amrit Brikha Andolan 
Scheme Observed by Assam State Government 
Aim of the Amrit Brikha Andolan To plant 1 Crore seedlings across the Staet of Asam
Scheme Launched onJune 8th, 2023
Scheme Financial Grant 100 Rs 
3rd Year Financial Grant 200 Rs
CategoryGovernment Scheme
Official website Given Below 
Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Application Procedure 

To apply for the Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration applicants need to follow the below step-by-step procedures. Using the below guide you can easily apply for the Scheme without any hurdles

Step 1:

First Applicants need to visit the official website of the Amrit Brikha Andolan Portal using this link

Step 2:

Now on the homepage select the category that you want to apply for. And then you will be taken to an info page where you need to enter all your details. Like your Name, Age, Parent details etc, and click on submit 

Step 3:

Applicants also need to add their address to the info page. Complete the banking and identity verification on the same page 

Step 4:

After submitting all the identity proofs specified by the page, You need to verify your mobile number and that’s it. Your Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration process has been completed 

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Benefits 

There are numerous benefits from the Amrit Brikha Andolan financial grant and some of those benefits include 

  • Free seedlings to all the eligible applicants and Groups in the state
  • The Assam Government is going to boost the Tree Economy using this new scheme Amrit Brikha Andolan. Which gives multiple employment opportunities to Assam people 
  • Assam Government is going to give a Finacaillay grant for everyone who plants a seedling and shares a geotag location of it on the official portal. The applicants will receive 100rs from the state government and an additional 200 in the 3 Years for plant survival
  • Using this scheme Assam State Government is trying to improve the green landscape of the state. With this scheme, there will be a huge green area, which contributes to the health and more environment in the state
  • Using the Amrit Brikha Andolan scheme the Assam government can engage different communities and groups in the state from the Self Help groups to the ASHA workers, Educational institutions, etc. Which results in a diverse range of people and communities’ participation  

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Objective 

The Assam Government is trying to achieve some big improvements in the state. Using the Amrit Brikha Andolan scheme and the major objectives of the government through this scheme is 

  • To plan 1 Crore Seedings across the State and increase the state greenery 
  • To Increase the Tree Economy. Using this Amrit Brikha Andolan scheme the tree-based economy in the state increases to new heights 
  • An environmental and climate change in the state. Because of more trees in the state and the more greenery. The state has regular climate seasons and also less pollution and better living conditions in the state 
  • Financial aid to the people. Through this scheme, the Assam government gives a financial grant to all the people who plant a tree and share a geo location of it on the official portal. Which could help the individuals in their basic needs. 

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Eligibility Criteria 

To apply for this Financial grant released by the Assam state government. Applicants need to fulfill some eligibility criteria to be eligible for this Financial grant and some of those eligibility factors are as follows 

  • Applicants need to be a Permanent Resident of Assam State
  • Applicants need to share Geotagged photos in the Offical portal to be eligible for the Financial grant 
  •  This Financial grant can be accessed by different groups of people in the state like the Self Help Groups, ASHA Workers, Educational institutions, etc 

Amrit Brikha Andolan Registration Important links 

Official website Click here
Our Homepage Click here


1. What Is Amrit Brikha Andolan? 

The Amrit Brikha Andolan was introduced by the Assam State government to plant 1 Crore Seeds across the State of Assam and also give financial aid to all the people who are planting the seeds. 

2. What Is The Financial Aid Given Through The Amrit Brikha Andolan?

All the eligible people will receive 100rs through this scheme and 300 Rs in the 3rd year of this scheme for plant protection and survival.

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